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System - Tuesday, August 18, 2020
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Team Athey & Remarkable Property Management recently reached our 33 year milestone for being in business, and we attribute our many years of success in the rental and commercial markets to the fact that we know Texas. Specifically, North Texas. An area founder Suzanne Athey was born into and has lived and worked around her entire life.

At Remarkable Property Management, we believe our deep experience in the Texas residential and commercial rental real estate markets translate to a win for our clients in more ways than one. For starters, we can help you find the just-right home or office in the just-right area because we’ve done the foot work. Literally, we’ve walked and driven all over North Texas. We know where the hidden gems are and what areas would be best for your family’s or business’s specific needs.

If you want horses or an RV, we know the neighborhoods that will or will not allow these things. Looking for a specific school district? We can help you find out the right areas. Want high foot traffic for a certain type of business? We can help.

In short, we have a general feel for a lot of different areas, so if you’re uncertain of exactly what you’re looking for . . . we can sit down and listen to you carefully before making suggestions to narrow down your property search. As you can imagine this is particularly helpful for people or businesses relocating.

But our Texas background isn’t just beneficial for tenants, it is also a big plus for the landlords we serve. We make it our business to keep current on the latest state happenings, including laws and regulations. So you can sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that Team Athey is proactive when it comes to taking care of your property or properties.

Not only do we have deep roots in the region, we also pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with the people that we do business with, including everyone from landlords and tenants to vendors and our own Team Athey members. (Several of which are actually related to Suzanne Athey—daughters Sarah McAnally and Lauren Warren and husband, Steve Athey.)

In fact, our company slogan is “Our Family Takes Care of Your Family.” And we mean it, we want to become your personal Real Estate Team for life!

If you’d like to know more about Team Athey & Remarkable Property Management and the unique way we do business, call owner Suzanne Athey at 469-916-1222 or email suzanne@teamathey.com. We’d love to visit with you and answer all your leasing questions. 

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