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Soy bilingüe y me comunico muy bien con personas de habla hispana. Soy parte integral de Team Athey, trabajando en el mercado de bienes raíces y administración de propiedades de Dallas. Estoy aquí para traducir sus necesidades de administración de propiedades y servicios inmobiliarios. Me encantaría la oportunidad de hablar con usted. ¡Contácteme hoy para conocer más sobre los servicios que ofrecemos!

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Ever thought about buying land as a savings account or retirement fund? I have.

System - Thursday, July 8, 2021
Property Management Blog



Hi, I’m Suzanne Athey, owner and founder of Team Athey & Remarkable Property Management. No, I’m not an investment planner or an accountant, and I don’t pretend to give investment advice, I’m simply thinking off the top of my head. Because recently I discovered that if I had purchased land instead of letting my money sit in my retirement account it would be worth a whole lot more now.

Here’s what started my thought process on the subject of putting my money in land instead of a bank account or retirement fund. After careful analysis, I discovered property I had looked at purchasing ten years ago is now worth four times what it was back then. Four times! My current retirement account . . . not so much.

But who could predict the future? How could I have known?

Sure, the stock market rolls up and down, and quite honestly so does the real estate market. But I told myself, land can’t disappear overnight. If you own land you can build on it, lease it, or sell it. Or as silly as it sounds, you can just go stand on it and admire its beauty.

True there is more than profit to think about when it comes to a land purchase. For most, it is an emotional decision as well.

Just think, you can pass land down to your descendants. You can hunt, fish and camp on it. You can even make a roaring bonfire on it and roast marshmallows on a stick.

Emotionally land gives back in ways that a savings account or a retirement fund can’t.

But having said all this, historically land does increase in value over time. As in my case, the property I looked at all those years ago has definitely increased in value.

So I’m saying buying land as an investment, or savings account so to speak, is something I believe is worth investigating. After all, it just might pay off in ways you hadn’t even thought about.

If you’d like to know more, call me, Suzanne Athey at 469-916-1222, or email me at I’d love to visit with you and answer all your real estate questions. 

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