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The Right Nozzle

System - Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Property Management Blog

If you have noticed an irregular spray pattern out of one of your sprinkler heads or seen your sprinkler heads turned into a fountain streaming high above your roof top, you may have a problem with the nozzle of that sprinkler. Fortunately replacing a nozzle is one of the easiest fixes to make on your sprinkler system.

The nozzle of a typical pop-up sprinkler head sits on top of the riser or stem. The stem is the tube-like part that pops up from the head while the sprinkler is running. The nozzle determines the pattern and throw of the water that comes out of it. While there are many different types of nozzles on the market, we’ll discuss the most common type for residential homes.

Fixed nozzles have a pattern that cannot be altered. They come in many different patterns and distances. The pattern and throw distance are indicated on top of the nozzle. The number indicates distance, and the letter describes the pattern. For example, “10 F” means that the nozzle throws a distance of 10 feet in a full circle. Similarly, “12 H” describes a nozzle that throws 12 feet in a half circle.  

If you are having a problem with a nozzle that doesn’t seem to be spraying properly, don’t be afraid to replace it with a new one. Nozzles can be purchased at a local irrigation supply store.

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